Kati Hoehl

St. Paul director, designer, and videographer
looking to expand her corner of the universe

Upcoming Projects

High School Musical | Ripper & Ensemble | Arts Garden | June 27-30, 2024 | Artsgarden.org

Kati Hoehl is a theatre-loving creative based in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has a degree in Film and Theatre Design from the University of Northwestern St. Paul, and currently works as a graphic artist and photographer. She has always been deeply passionate about acting, and in recent years has found a love for theatrical video design and directing. Through her work as an actor, director and videographer, she desires to combine the worlds of theatre and film, retell old stories in new ways, and provide community to beautifully chaotic and creative individuals. 

Kati grew up completely immersed in the theatre world. She started acting and singing in church productions at age 6, and starred in her first community theatre production in 2010 at age 14. Throughout high school, she spent her summers acting in Lakeshore Players Theatre's youth production, and her school years acting in CB Productions.

Kati graduated from University of Northwestern St. Paul with an Interdisciplinary degree in film and theatre production. She participated in UNW's theatre program both onstage and backstage. A year after graduation, she started working as a video production manager and graphic designer in a local church, and found a heart for graphic design. She currently works as a social media manager, graphic designer, and photographer for North Heights Church in Arden Hills, MN. 

In 2022, Kati, along with colleagues Shannon Johnson and Amy Stauter, adopted Arts Garden, a local art/theater community, from creator Jill Whitney Birk. The three of them transformed Arts Garden into a non-profit community theatre designed to reach the Roseville/Arden Hills/White Bear Lake area. Kati was officially elected as chairperson of the board, and continues to participate in Arts Garden as both a director and actor.

In addition to acting, directing, and designing, Kati also has experience in graphite drawing, painting, and digital art. She specializes in pen and ink, graphite portraiture, and acrylic canvas painting. She also has experience in illustration, makeup design, and SFX makeup creation and application. She's used my artistic skills for designing and painting set backdrops, designing and illustration theatrical projections, and designing theatre makeup. 


Graduate | University of Northwestern St. Paul | December 2018

Chairperson | Arts Garden Community Theatre | January 2022 - Present

Board Member | Masquers Theatre | September 2022 - Present

Theatre Instructor | Rise Up Homeschool Co-op | Begins September 2024 

Theatre Instructor | HERO Homeschool Co-op | September 2022 - May 2024

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