Kati Hoehl

St. Paul director, designer, and videographer
looking to expand her corner of the universe


My name is Kati Hoehl and I'm a Twin Cities director, designer and filmmaker. 

I graduated from the University of Northwestern St. Paul in 2018 with an interdisciplinary degree in Film and Theatre Production. 

I have directed many theatrical productions, both in college and through Arts Garden, a Roseville based theatre company. I deeply value the community aspects of theatre, and believe that theatre is more about individual and community growth than it is about producing a perfect product. The best theatre brings together creative people and gives them an environment to play, create, and grow as artists and as people. I believe I have fostered that kind of community though my work with Arts Garden, and I continue to love the work that I do there. 

I grew up with a video camera in my hand, and started editing when I was twelve years old. The editing experiments I created throughout middle and high school are a big part of why I studied film in college. Editing is more than just stringing video clips together - the strongest edits tell amazing stories. I love telling stories through my editing, and I have spent the last several years perfecting my technique on a variety of different editing styles, so I can tell the best stories. 

As an artist, I've studied graphite drawing, painting, and digital art. I specialize in pen and ink, graphite portraiture, and acrylic canvas painting. I also have experience in illustration, makeup design, and SFX makeup creation and application. I've used my artistic skills for designing and painting set backdrops, designing and illustration theatrical projections, and designing theatre makeup. 

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